September Newsletter

NASA Championships Wrap-Up

Congratulations to all the newly crowned NASA Champions! Thanks to all who supported the event!

Official Results for the 2018 NASA Championships can be seen HERE. 
(As of this writing on 9/26/18 Group A is still unofficial.)

To read SpeedNews articles on event Champions click HERE.

Archived Races

The video productions of the event are being uploaded to our YouTube channel. To view the archived races click HERE.

Season Points
As soon as all group results become official, Texas region points will be updated with results from COTA included HERE.

Be sure to file your contingency prizes if you haven’t already! Info on all the contingencies can be found HERE.

Next stop: NOLA! 

It’s that time of year! Our visit to NOLA Motorsports Park! Make sure to book rooms soon if you haven’t already. Being Halloween weekend the French Quarter can fill up fast. This is a very fun weekend to be at NOLA. *This is a crossover event operated by the NOLA Region.
Registration is open HERE.

Discounted F1 COTA ticket packages!

Our friends at COTA have set up a couple different discounted ticket packages for the U.S. Grand Prix October 19-21.

General Admission- $169  (Normally $189)
Turn 4 – $248  (Normally $275)
Lot F – $100 (Normally $125)

Single Day:
Saturday Only Turn 4 – $150  (Normally $175)
Sunday Only General Admission – $99  (Normally $115)

Use Promo code at checkout: NASA18F1

To see the Ticketmaster page click HERE.

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