COTA Wrap-up! Next stop: Hallett!

Photo credit: Eric Stautberg

Cinco de COTA
Thank you to all who came from near and far to make our 2nd annual regional event at Circuit of the Americas a success! To our knowledge this is the only regional event in NASA history to have every region represented on the entry list, let alone two years in a row! Your support of NASA means the world to us!!!

Photo by MohFlo

Results and Points
Official results for contingencies can be found HERE.
Results with lap charts can be found HERE.
Season Points can be seen HERE.

Contingency Prizes
Remember to get your contingency documents submitted within their mandatory time periods to claim your free money! All contingency info can be found HERE.

Photos by MohFlo!

If you went on track during the weekend, MohFlo has photos of your car on track! To see the galleries and order images click HERE.

Next Stop: Hallett Summer Shootout!

The next stop on the NASA Texas calendar is a crossover event with NASA Central and NASA Rocky Mountain at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit in Jennings, OK June 9th & 10th. With the growth of the HPDE program we are entertaining having HPDE 1&2 available this year! If you are interested in doing HPDE1&2 at this event please email your thoughts to For more information see the registration page for the event HERE. Join the discussion for the event on Facebook HERE.

NASA Championships

We’re proud to be hosting the NASA Championships at Circuit of the Americas this year September 13-16. Don’t miss your chance to participate in this historic event! Registration is open! Lots of items are selling out quick! Make sure to read up on the requirements to participate at the Championships website  HERE.

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