COTA Memorial Madness Wrap-Up!

Thanks to all who attended our Inaugural Memorial Madness event at Circuit of the Americas!

Official results can be found HERE.

Season Points can be seen HERE.

Contingency Information can be found HERE.

Saturday and Sunday Podium celebration pictures can be found HERE.

Photos of the event can be viewed and purchased from MohFlo Photography HERE. MohFlo is also doing some very beautiful custom posters of any car that was on track! These are great for the trophy room or for your sponsor that helps you go racing! They can be printed in several different sizes too!

Memorial Madness at COTA Welcome Info



HPDE Welcome Letter can be found HERE.

Time Trial and Race Welcome Letter can be found HERE.

Paddock Map HERE.

Spectator Info

If you have friends or family coming, please ask them to park in Lot A (Free parking!) and either walk to the paddock, or go pick them up with your pit vehicle. We don’t want the traffic in the paddock. The main grandstands, turn 1 grandstands, bridges, and 2nd floor paddock terrace will all be open for spectating FREE!

See y’all at the track!!


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