NASA Launches Inaugural Sim Racing Leagues on iRacing

April 2, 2020

Las Vegas, NV

NASA Launches Inaugural Sim Racing Leagues on iRacing 

The National Auto Sport Association is pleased to announce the creation of two new racing leagues it will host on iRacing. The inaugural 2020 season will have two leagues with 10 races per league that run every other Tuesday night through August. Additionally, there will be up to $13,000 in cash prizes available to Pro League drivers as well as real life contingency prizes. Long time NASA partners Toyo Tires and Hawk Performance have kicked in to pay out contingency dollars in each of our new Sim Leagues. These “real dollars” will help our virtual racers get back on track with NASA as soon as we can safely host events. Additionally, Competition Motorsport has stepped up to provide each inaugural league winner with a OMP TRS-E racing seat. Lastly, each 2020 league winner will get a free entry to any NASA regional event of their choosing providing a true racing ladder for sim-to-reality racing. Contingency rules for each program will be published shortly. 

The inaugural NASA Club Sim Racing League will run the first and third Tuesday night of each month, kicking off on Tuesday, April 7 at Circuit of The Americas, and running through Tuesday August 18. The leagues will visit some of the greatest tracks around the country like WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, Sonoma Raceway, Daytona and more. All NASA members with iRacing can run in the Club League for free. Select events will be live-streamed with commentary and will be on the NASA Facebook page for all to enjoy the action. 

The inaugural NASA Pro Sim Racing League will run the second and fourth Tuesday nights, beginning Tuesday, April 14 at Circuit of the Americas, through Tuesday, August 25 at all the same tracks as the Club League, but with different vehicles and open setups. Live streams of events with commentary will be on the NASA Facebook page for all to enjoy the action. Each race will feature cash prizes available to current NASA members. You can find the full schedule for the Club and Pro Sim Racing Leagues HERE

“We are thrilled to be launching our official sim racing leagues,” said Jeremy Croiset, NASA Vice President. “We expect this unique approach to the Sim Racing Community will be well received. Our program is very scalable providing ample opportunity for sim racers of all skill levels to take advantage of our new program. These new leagues will offer NASA members a way to still interact together during these unprecedented times while they compete for real prizes and rewards. We hope to continue announcing more partners to the program as we work toward growing it. Big thanks to our very own Will Faules for offering to steer this new program!”

“This will be a great thing for our members while we’re looking at unprecedented downtime due to the Covid-19 pandemic,” said NASA Texas Regional Director, Will Faules. “It also presents a good opportunity for NASA to grow into the big ‘e-sector’ in the events NASA offers regionally and nationally. We wanted to use club friendly vehicles in the Club League with more challenging vehicles in the Pro League, all while using vehicles included in iRacing as not to incur more costs for the participants in these inaugural leagues. I hope this brings a sense of community and positive interaction during the quarantine period, as well as scratching the itch for real competition with many NASA racers already training and racing on simulators at home.” 

As a resource for the league, a Facebook group has been started HERE. Interested participants are encouraged to join the group and participate in the discussions in our Facebook group or by calling or emailing Will Faules at 737-932-7004 or [email protected]

Club League – Sample Night

First and third Tuesdays at 8PM EST, 5PM PST. Schedule HERE

Global MX5 – fixed setup

Circuit of The Americas, short course configuration. 

– 80-minute Practice Session

– 10-minute Qualifying session

– 30-Minute Race

Entry Fee: No



  • Free Event registration for all events will be on under National Events. The first event registration will open on April 3rd. 
    • Password to sessions will be emailed to all participants before the session. 
  • NASA Membership required.
  • Limited to 60 drivers.(iRacing max)
  • Select events live streamed.
  • 2 Points Drops

Pro League – Sample Night:

Second and fourth Tuesdays at 8PM EST, 5PM PST. Schedule HERE

Global MX5 – Open Setup

Circuit of The Americas, full 3.4mi configuration. 

– 60-minute Practice Session

– 15-minute Qualifying session

– 45-Minute Race

  • Event registration for all events will be on under National Events.The first event registration will open on April 3rd. 
    • Password to sessions will be emailed to all participants before the session. 
  • NASA Membership required. (Required iRacing license ratings TBD)
  • Limited to 60 drivers.(iRacing max)
  • $49 entry fee. 
  • $25 of every entry to go to prize money. 
  • $5 NASA Sim Promo code given to all paid participants. 
  • Live streaming on NASA Facebook page.
  • 2 Points Drops.

Payout Schedule*

Sprint Sim Racing Payout Schedule 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Hard Charger All Drivers
40+ entries $500 $225 $100 $75 $50 $50 $5 Sim Racing Promo Code
25 – 39 entries $250 $150 $100 $75 $25 $25 $5 Sim Racing Promo Code
10 – 24 entries $100 $75 $50 $25 $5 Sim Racing Promo Code
3 – 9 entries $50 $25 $5 Sim Racing Promo Code


*prize money will only be awarded to those who have participated in a NASA event anytime during the last 5 years. (Example: 1st-3rd place finishers never participated in a NASA event. 4th place finisher is NASA driver and will earn 1st place prize money) 


All cash prize winners must email W9 to [email protected] before payment is sent. Prize winners to be sent money via check or PayPal. 




Covid-19 Statement

Dear NASA Texas Family,

We hope that this message finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy.

These are unique times that will require sacrifices and we will all suffer to some extent.   We hope that the best parts of our racing family and humanity show through.

Given the most current information put forth by the CDC, WHO, and Federal government, NASA Texas and Eagles Canyon have decided to postpone the upcoming Return to Eagles Canyon event originally scheduled for April 3-5, 2020. We want to get back to hosting events as soon as practical, but this date is too close to government mandated shutdowns to keep it on the calendar. With such a fluid situation, we tentatively plan to announce the updated date for Eagles Canyon, as well as any other adjusted dates in an update on or before May 1st. We ask that you please stay understanding of the fluidity of the situation. As things often change hourly, we will do our best to keep everybody informed through our email newsletter and social media channels.

We know this is disappointing to all. This public health situation is detrimental to our industry as we focus on staying safe and healthy.

As with many Americans, the negative financial impact this crisis will have on ECR as well as NASA Texas cannot be understated. NASA Texas is small business, and the timing of this pandemic is occurring at peak time of our racing season here in Texas.

Many have asked about the refund policy. We have never been through a global pandemic but have created a new policy we feel is fair to our members. The following applies to the upcoming ECR event and any other event that should need to be cancelled or postponed because of the COVID-19 situation.


At present each participant has a 100% credit for entry fees paid and we are extending out the use of credits from the Return to Eagles Canyon event until December 31, 2021. As normal, these credits can be used for any NASA Texas hosted event. (Credits from NASA Texas hosted events do not apply to crossover events like the October NOLA event.)


Any person requesting a refund will be issued a 100% refund less $50 which helps us cover credit card processing fees. However, a $50 coupon code will be issued which may be used at any NASA Texas hosted event through the end of the 2021 season.

Please note, NASA Texas DOES plan to host the rest of our 2020 schedule as local and federal authorities allow and advise as safe. We are in close contact with track management and we will continue to monitor the evolution of the COVID-19 regulations and rules laid down by Federal Governments/State Governments and the CDC.

We are all chomping at the bit to get our need for speed fulfilled in the usual fun, safe, family friendly environment that is a NASA event. We hope to see you at the track much sooner than later!!

Stay safe and healthy,

Will Faules and always amazing NASA Texas Team


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